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Interview with Fedja van Huêt about Soof

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Fedja van Huêt is was of the party in Soof as Kasper, the ex of Soof. To the actor says why he necessarily wanted to be in the series.

Were you immediately looking for a sequel to Soof?
“Yes, Soof you can call me. Really. It’s so fun to do. And I also found that much more was possible with Soof. The situation, the family. You don’t need any weird antics out of it to keep it funny.”

Usually a film of a series, now a series of a film. Is that a problem?
“I think not. We now have eight or nine episodes of 50 minutes time to tell a story. When a feature film is usually no space for more storylines. The children, the mother of Soof, the employees of the Kooksoof. Everyone has their own problems. Ideal for a series.”

And what is going to happen with your character? In the first episode, you may return to Soof live.
“Kasper is his mancave turned off because they been declared as uninhabitable and then of course he is with his ex. Who is that in the first instance very useful for the children and because they are again hard at work in the Koofsoof, but that is sure different than they think.”

There is already a second season ordered. Give it rest or push?
“I think it will be fun. And I get it also. It is completely that perfect Soof-feel and that deserves more seasons.”

You’re a real hit series actor. You sat in Adultery, Penoza, Divorce , and now again in Soof.
“That is just a coincidence though. You have no say. You can, of course, a little bit of sense whether there are potential worries if the script have seen and the other actors, but it is never a certainty.”

Have you ever been in a flop play?
“In a lot of movies that the not so good did. Of those arthouse films that are abroad a lot to visit pulled, but here a lot less.”

There will also be a Soof the musical
“I’m asked for, but there are m a n qualities. Haha. That is better also. Otherwise my whole life Soof. in the Afternoon run for the series, and in the evening Kasper sing. That you should not want to.”

Soof: A new beginning, Sunday 21: 00 • RTL 4

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