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Eli Iserbyt is ready for the world cup and wins WB-cross in Hoogerheide

a835fbc3f43e1ae99bf1201128abf19b - Eli Iserbyt is ready for the world cup and wins WB-cross in Hoogerheide

Eli Iserbyt has the world cup race in Hoogerheide in the promises to his cv. The European champion rode from start to finish on the head and pulled it to Thomas Pidcock and Joris Nieuwenhuis. The race, which was already known since the world Cup in Heusden-Zolder, goes to the Brit Pidcock.

A crash at the start participants the peloton in Hoogerheide. Pidcock shot out of his pedal and slammed against the ground and then he to a long catching up from 35th position, had to start from scratch. Eli Iserbyt had the dance had a lucky escape and was soon in a sore to save. The Dutchman Sieben Wouters muttered yet for a while, but soon it was the European champion on the road alone.

Pidcock, winner of the races in Koksijde, Bogens, Namur and Heusden-Zolder, pushed in the meantime, round after round. He would be up to 20 seconds of Iserbyt approaching, but the sore could not be more poem. The victory for Iserbyt, therefore, are second after win in Seven. “It may be a virtue to be right for the world cup a victory address,” said the leader of Marlux-Bingoal. “Especially after my more hassle from the previous two weeks and then tank you trust with such a victory a week before the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.”

Iserbyt took last week will not take part in the world Cup in Nommay, but opted for a last internship in Spain with the eye at the world cup. There it ran aground on Sunday he without luggage and without a bike. “It was actually quite a bit of hassle, but luckily I had my bike back Tuesday afternoon. Monday I got the bike to borrow from someone in Calpe for which I am deeply grateful, and I have two hours to train and then an hour run. All in all, it took me not too much training time, but it was a bit annoying. You are missing a bit of rest by such a hassle, but for the rest I’m perfectly able to prepare for and I feel ready for the world cup.”

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