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De Ketele and De Pauw preserve leading position on the six days of Berlin

Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw have Saturday night their leadership position successfully defended on the six days of Berlin. The Belgian duo has, after the end of the third day, 265 points, seven more than the first pursuers, the Dutchmen Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga. De Ketele and De Pauw won Saturday night’s dernyrace (De Ketele) and the ploegenafvalling.

The Swiss Nico Selenati and Tristan Marguet and the Danes Michael Morkov, Marc Hester are still in the same round as The Ketele and De Pauw. So it remains exciting in the 107th edition of the six days of Berlin.

The Belgian tandem won the title in Berlin in 2016. Two years earlier picked up The Ketele of the race, on the side of the Austrian, Andreas Müller.

position after second evening

1. Kenny De Ketele/Moreno De Pauw (BEL) 265 points

2. Yoeri Havik/Wim Stroetinga (Ned) 258

3. Nico Selenati/Tristan Marguet (Sui) 216

4. Michael Morkov/Marc Hester (Den) 202

– 1 round –

5. Roger Kluge/Theo Reinhardt (Ger) 198

6. Leif Lampater/Christian Grasmann (Ger) 180

7. Mark Downey And Felix English (Ire) 180

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