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Çavaria Awards: ‘Sexuality discussion for young and old’

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Genderqueer and transgenderkoepel çavaria evening at a charity evening in Ghent are annual awards presented. The awards went to VRT transmitter Ketnet, politician, Piet De Bruyn (N-VA) and the deceased activist Deborah Lambilotte.

Ketnet won the Çavaria Media Award because the children and jeugdzender of the public broadcaster with programmes like ‘The Doctor Bea Show’ on the measure of children and young people and informs about sexual diversity and gender diversity. ‘Ketnet makes things negotiable for young and old. The positive influence it that way for 20 years, the social evolution in Flanders is large, ” explains çavaria spokesman Jeroen Borghs.

Piet De Bruyn went with the Çavaria Campaign Award to get. He was lauded for his work as rapporteur for the rights of LGBTI-persons in the Council Of Europe. Especially his report, ‘Promoting the human rights of and eliminating discrimination against intersex people calls çavaria groundbreaking. ‘The work of Piet De Bruyn is the first major European report, that the rights of intersekse persons defend, ” explains Borghs.

Deborah Lambillotte, one and a half years ago, died, got the Çavaria Lifetime Achievement. She was a genderqueer, transgender and intersekse activist with a long record of service. She was a member of the board of çavaria, worked for the East-Flemish regenbooghuis Casa Rosa and was active in various associations in the netherlands and abroad.

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