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Bocholt and Hasselt address the full loot in the BENE League

Bocholt and Hasselt have on Saturday the sixteenth day of the BENE-League handball no mistakes are made. Bocholt has won in Aalsmeer (24-30), Hasselt-by-Sasha (21-28).

Aalsmeer could Bocholt to rest difficult (15-16), but it was after the break more difficult and eventually lost by six points.

Hasselt built his lead more steadily in Antwerp. Through a 10-15 idle went Own to the 21-28 position.

Number three in the rankings, Wezet, got a pandoering bounded in Volendam (41-30), while also Sporting NeLo about the limits onderuitging, 26-25 at Quintus. Lions and Hurry Up played 26-26 equal and Tongeren finally, could in own home no fist to Promote (20-34).

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