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Antwerp plays with nine equal to Charleroi

407d584efcf149cd9b6a3228c351ad3b - Antwerp plays with nine equal to Charleroi

Antwerp on a visit to Charleroi gelijkgespeeld. On Mambourg was 1-1 after a tumultuous second half. Antwerp had this season as the only team yet no red card given. In Charleroi, it was two times tap. Still loved the team of Bölöni stand, Charleroi is one point is also not really the leader Club Brugge.

It took ten years before Ritchie De Laet returned to Belgium. And it took four days to Laszlo Bölöni to convince that he was in the base will hear. The Romanian also brought Pitroipa for the first time at the kick-off. Surprisingly enough, replaced Hairemans and Van Damme. Also containers have already needed to rest.

Felice Mazzu was wary for the physical violence of the Great Old and reinforced, therefore, are society. Diandy was in it for the frivolous Benavente. Also Lukebakio, which probably finally bought away at Anderlecht, played again.

Charleroi vs Antwerp, it had a taste of Play-off 1 because there is a big chance that these two clubs to one another encounter. But the spectacle we had not seen – except for the light show in both spionkoppen, Bengali fire again no shortage. Only when Pitroipa after a clever combination with the sixteen in popped up, there was excitement. The Burkinees went down after contact with Marinos, but Visser didn’t budge.

Martinez present

The match was balanced, but halfway through the half took Antwerp the upper hand because Oulare on speed. The scrawny striker showed himself to be balvast, shot first one and then in the zijnet. Ten minutes for rest, it was still tap. Oulare put the attack on by well the game to break the mould and took position in front of goal. After De Laet, and Pitroipa had operated, and that on Penneteau had decided, could the Belgian striker in the rebound to score – his second goal this season. Coach Martinez was in the stands, he could still íéts note.

0-1 remained calm and Mazzu decided to go to aanvallender to play and Benavente. A bill of exchange that is immediately performed. Marinos was deeply steered to the right, took the dead ball line and put fine back to the aborted Peruvian, who in one time my stepped. Everything will be repeated. Well, by the way that Benavente, unlike in the first leg, at the back, with the right fans went to celebrate.

The second half was a lot more enjoyable than the first. It went up and down, and egg so after came to Antwerp again on lead. Oulare went well by and operated Limbombe. His shot was the line taken by Marinos. A called and asked then on the other side. After a short back-pass from Haroun could Rezaei only depend on Bolat. Just before the two met, was the Iranian, however, still crocheted by Corryn. The full-avoided, as, of course, the 2-1, but got the red and was allowed to take a shower. Lukebakio kicked the vrijschop then just next.

Misnoegde Sall

Bölöni brought Van Damme, under a fastening flute concerto, anyway. Extra power was needed to maintain it. Mazzu threw the fit Remacle for the first time this season, against ten men the victory. Correction: against nine men. Sall got his second yellow and left thick against his agonizingly slow the field.

Still ten minutes had to Charleroi in order to obtain his first victory of 2018 to books. It was in the neighbourhood of Bolat, not difficult with two males more. But really dangerous I couldn’t do more. It remained 1-1. The third draw in a row for Antwerp.

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