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Also Maaseik stumbles not, People win with 0-3 at Guibertin

Also Maaseik did not stumble on the sixteenth day of the EuroMillions Volley League. The People klaarden the job done in three sets against Guibertin (23-25; 17-25; 21-25).

In the first half were the Walloon-Brabanders have a set of poaching in Maaseik, but that was at home. However, the difference is limited in the first set. Guibertin could regularly tegenprikken and made for the smallest possible difference. Then took Out the reins and sailed it without a lot of problems by the three pointer. Jolan Cox (21 points) was top scorer.

By the Limburg victory remains the stand as that was Maaseik and Roeselare continue to head with the same amount of points, but Tivoli has a match less played.

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