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Videosnack: Nienke Wijnhoven sings Paint it Black on The Voice

For the first liveshow of The Voice of Holland left Anouk to her talent Nienke Wijnhoven Paint it black sing. The evergreen proved to be a winning choice: the audience gave her a powerful 1 minute 45 to a thunderous applause.


The jury was full of praise: Ali B gave a 9, Sanne Hans shared a 8, and She supported her own candidate with a 10. A tactic to make the 6.5 to compensate Waylon to Nienke assigned. According to the singer, she knew him, not enough to touch with the message of the song. Paint it black tells the story of a depressed man who is the world so sad to see that he would prefer to do everything black would be colors. Heard that Waylon is not back at Nienke.

? Judge for yourself.

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