10 Questions

TV-TIPS. Ode to the cinema, driehoeksrelaties and archive program’s

An ode to the cinema and the theatre, a film about the foothills of a trilateral relationship and the VRT that with a new archiving program (and a new presenter). These are our tv-tips for your Saturday night.


The collective memory

One 21.10-22.00

It is unfortunate that the VRT this spring with two archive utility’s on the come up. Het collective memory has the bad luck the second in the row. It begins after the public interest of Steven Van Herreweghe, in addition to high scores in the kijkcijfertabellen. The presenter of this show, Kamal Kharmach, it must then do it again with a purchased panelshow idea. And Jacques Vermeire as a fixed value.


Your Sister’s Sister

Canvas 23.05-0.35 hour

Our apologies, but we are a big fan of Emily Blunt. She plays Iris in this film about the foothills of a trilateral relationship.



BBC 2 23.30-1.20 pm

Michael Keaton is wonderful as the Hollywood has-been who formerly had success in a superheldenpak (that painful heavily on Keaton’s own batman suit looks). An ode to the cinema and to the theatre.

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