Police disbands pro-Kurdish demonstration in Cologne

a169b3c4428b991c35daea20462130a5 - Police disbands pro-Kurdish demonstration in Cologne

The German police has on Saturday ordered a demonstration by Kurds against the Turkish offensive in Syria to dissolve. At the event, were banned symbols of the Kurdish workers Party (PKK) are shown. Also in Amsterdam was equally restless on a Kurdish demonstration.

The demonstration, in which more than 14,000 people were participating, was stopped and dissolved after ‘several demonstrators under more flags with the image of the historic PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan had raised, ” said a politiewoordvoerder. He added that two people were arrested.

During a demonstration of Kurds in Amsterdam on Saturday, what riots been, notify the local police. Whether people are arrested, the police can not yet say.

Tempers among the protesters became heated when a man with a Turkish flag on the group to be discussed. Police and people from the organising Federation Kurds in the Netherlands that tried the tempers to calm, but could not avoid some blows fell.

Participants of the event called people to exert pressure on their political leaders to the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan to quit. “When the Kurds against IS fought, everyone was satisfied, but now the Kurds betrayed,” she said.

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