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Lindsay De Vylder wins temporonden on International two-day and nip over Roy Eefting into the lead

Lindsay De Vylder slipped and very helpful with an early break in the always whimsical temporonden. The seven decorated rondewinst. De Vylder won with 26 points for Gladysh and Shevchuk. Robbe Ghys (11th), Bryan (16th), Jules Hesters (19th) and Maths Heinderson (21st) looked at the second row. After two of the four disciplines run The Vylder the standings with 78 points.

The stand

1. Lindsay DE VYLDER 78 points, 2. Francesco Lamon 70, 3. Cesar Mantingil 64, 4. Roy Eefting 64, 5. Taras Shevchuk 64, 6. Antonio Cabrera Torres 62, 7. Roman Gladysh 60, 8. Joao Matias 42, 9. Maksyn Vasyliev 42, 10. Louis Pijourlet 40.

Moderate start of Lotte Kopecky in the scratch

Frenchwoman Marion Borras won the scratch, for the Slovakian Tereza Medvedova, and the Russian Diana Klimova. Belgian champion Lotte Kopecky had with the twelfth place are satisfied. Gilke Croket ended up fourteenth.

Nicky Degrendele, with the fingers in the nose

Nicky Degrendele confirms an excellent condition. Playfully, she won her 1/8 final against the Irish Autumn Collins.

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