Eurosceptic Zeman follows itself in the Czech republic

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In the Czech republic may to outgoing president Milos Zeman prepare themselves for a second term. With a campaign against immigration, the euro-sceptic and pro-Russian Zeman for the second time, the presidential elections won, as it turned out Saturday, after counting 99 percent of the votes.

The 73-year-old Zeman took the Friday and Saturday in the second round of the presidential elections, with 51,5% of the votes, reported the public television. Zeman, in 2013, the first direct presidential elections in his country had won, a second term of five years commenced. His challenger, the pro-European liberal Jiri Drahos, remained stuck at 48,5 percent. Did the 68-year-old chemistry professor worse than the polls had predicted. He has his defeat already acknowledged.

With the clear slogan “Stop the immigrants” had Zeman during the campaign presented itself as a determined opponent of the reception of refugees. He is known as a right-wing populist, who frequently leave notice with pro-Russian statements and hard tricks to the European Union. Drahos argued that that rate is harmful for the Czech republic and wanted his country to the West push. According to analysts, symbolized the candidates making it a perfect choice the division in the Czech society.

The president has in the Czech republic in the first instance, a ceremonial position, but he can veto bills, use and also plays an important role in the formation of a government. He appoints the prime minister and the judges of the constitutional court.

This week gave Zeman prime minister Andrej Babis is still the command to create a new government to form. The minority of Babis, who are politically on the same wavelength as Zeman, had to resign after a vote of confidence in the parliament had lost. There is a research against the billionaire Babis. He would have cheated with European money. Drahos argued that Babis step aside, had to convert as a result of his legal troubles.

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