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Broken engine will cost Chun the podium in WRC2-rally of Monte Carlo

fe8cee8abac6e60c894fb9b3e41b0a2b - Broken engine will cost Chun the podium in WRC2-rally of Monte Carlo

Kevin Abbring and Peter Chun (Ford Fiesta R5) have the heavy favourites of Saturday in the rally of Monte Carlo not survived. The duo went, like so many other riders, the track and damaged the engine. Abbring and Chun reached the finish line but had a broken motor in the towel throw. Road stage in the WRC2.

“The first ride had everything from a survival of the fittest, and unfortunately we have not met,” said Peter Chun. “It is a pity but this is part of rallying. We knew that there is still so much could and would happen. I don’t know with what word I the conditions this morning should describe. At one place there was snow, on the other a thick knit, and everywhere were traces of the riders who are in the wrong. It had more to do with a cemetery.”

“At a certain point we are straight gone. Without the very. We came on a field visit. When driving on the road it broke we the radiator. Five km for the finish line, we received an alarm that the engine is hot it ran. Either is as’n alarm is real or it may also be that snow is as’n alarm caused. We are just further drove the tenth time overall as a result. We were even faster than Thierry Neuville. But that was our rally. The alarm was indeed real. All the water was in the radiator has disappeared, and with it all power,” explains Chun.

“For Sweden, this has no consequences. I have already been informed to get a new engine and that will be there. For the budget has, however, consequences. Without additional partners in the difficult to this year’s planned third world CHAMPIONSHIP rally to drive.”

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