White House wants to be Van Gogh, but get a golden toilet bowl

78a2ac39b9b1336cf931ca85138e523a - White House wants to be Van Gogh, but get a golden toilet bowl

The White House wanted from the Guggenheim, a painting by Van Gogh to borrow, but the New York museum has in its place a golden bowl offered. It is going to be the work of an artist-iconoclast Maurizio Cattelan, who self describes as an egalitarian work: ‘the Art of the 1 percent richest of the planet, ed.), for the 99 percent.’

In an e-mail be the artistic director and conservatrice of the Guggenheim, Nancy Spector, the question to ‘snow scene’ (1888), to borrow from the Dutch painter, says the Guggenheim to the Washington Post. Spector said that the cloth in Guggenheim Bilbao exhibited would be, to return to New York, and there ‘in a not-too-distant future.

Instead, she proposed to the toilet bowl in gold by Maurizio Cattelan to the White House to send that in to the Guggenheim to see was from september 2016 until the summer of 2017. The work, ” America called, consists of a toilet seat, wc-bit and water rinse. While it was exhibited in the museum opposite Central Park, having about 100,000 people, the toilet is used.

With instructions for installation and maintenance

‘The artist would be at the White House want to borrow for a long-term, ” wrote the artistic director of the Guggenheim, according to the Washington Post. ‘It has, of course, an exceptional value and is relatively fragile, but we would be all the instructions provide for installation and maintenance.’

‘We regret that we are not to your original question, may respond’, decided Spector. “But we have hope that this special offer you can interest.’

The White House did not respond to the offer. It is customary for American presidents works of art borrow during their term of office.

The conservatrice, president, Donald Trump has been repeatedly criticized. She described his presidency as one that ” is characterized by scandals and determined by the voluntary curtailment of a countless number of individual freedoms’. In August, she explained in a blog that the work of Cattelan ‘the reference to Trump is that most of the echoes received during his stay at the Guggenheim, even though it could be interpreted differently.

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