Well is back! Are most items in a row

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Well is back! Are most items in a row

Arjen is Well/ANP

Sunday With Well returns Sunday on the television. It is already the season number 9, but a great trailer like last year remained – so far – from. However, the expectations are again sky-high for the winner of the Golden Televizier-Ring. Metro puts the most fun and best items of Arjen Well in a row.

Are you already dead?

In Sundays Well is Well is much to the word, but almost every broadcast also includes one or two well-crafted films. Including this one about the shortage of donor organs.

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Team meat

The creators of Sunday With Well – despite their popularity are not afraid to clearly speak out in situations that are quite sensitive. As we all know really what Arjen is Well-found, Black hair, and he is also repeatedly risen up against the massive consumption of meat and the suffering that comes with it. The strength of the program is that it is often in such a way, that the few people upset.


The topic most discussed, is the Dutch politics. Often takes Well a party or incumbent ministers and staatssecratarissen, but sometimes also the complete state of affairs in The Hague. So flick, he Splinterpolitiek the floor with the plethora of new parties.

The Netherlands second

Or the best film of Sunday Well , we are in the middle, but it is anyway the most successful and best reviewed movie of the past eight seasons. The welkomstfilmpje for the at that time geïnaugureerde American president Donald Trump.


The first time that the program is real people in action was with his petition to Pharaoh of the Netherlands. More than 65,000 people to put their scribble, making the Second Room it had to discuss. The advisory committee for Petitions and citizens ‘ Initiatives guessed it in the end.

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