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Voice assistant, Alexa now also in app form available

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Amazon has the smart voice assistant, Alexa, this week also made available for Android smartphones. Until now you could be the digital butler for only appeal via a so-called smart speaker or one of the Echo products of the American e-commercegigant.

By the voice assistant to integrate into the Amazon Alexa app for Android is the service suddenly available to millions of users. Soon there will be coming an update for the iOS version of the app, though you may which in our region are only available for download if you have a foreign (American, German or British) iTunes account. That is because Alexa only for now in those countries is to be rolled out. Officially at least, as to ‘her’ in Belgium to get you – when creating your Amazon account – only have to fake that you are in one of the mentioned countries of residence. Call it a white lie.

In the latest version of the Amazon Alexa-app you find below, in the navigation bar, now an extra button with the blue Alexa-logo. Press it, and you can stemassistent the most diverse questions or commands to give – they the time being only in English or German. The possibilities are similar to that of Siri and Google Assistant, has each service has its own strong points. They can give you some inspiration, surf over to Meet Alexa, a website chock-full of examples in categories such as Music & Entertainment, News & Information, Smart Home, and it is of course the Amazon Shopping. Another tip: subscribe to the Alexa-enabled Devices-newsletter, each week dozens of new questions that the assistant can provide.

Amazon has already let you know that Alexa in the course of 2018 to the Windows platform, so you also through your pc with the soft spoken spraakassistente in conclave.

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