‘Trump tried to Mueller in June to dismiss’

d1422dc8161f3f73e4116b0b8e663a64 - ‘Trump tried to Mueller in June to dismiss’

American president Donald Trump has tried to special prosecutor Robert Mueller for the summer to dismiss. But he scrambled back when the lawyer of the White House, Donald McGahn, even with a blow-off threatened. That message, the New York Times Thursday.

Mueller is investigating the alleged ties between Russia and the campaign team of Trump for the elections of 2016. He got air of Trumps plans through interviews with managers from the White House, message to the New York Times. The newspaper, citing four anonymous sources.

When he heard that Trump Mueller wanted to be dismissed because of potential conflicts of interest, said Donald McGahn his veto. He warned of the disastrous consequences for Trumps presidency, writes the newspaper. Then let Trump his plan to sail.

Witnesses under oath

Trump said Wednesday that he is willing under oath to testify for Mueller. To journalists, he said ‘look’ to the conversation and that he would like to do’, as soon as possible.

Muellers investigation was initially led by FBI director James Comey, until he was fired. Mueller is looking for evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, and obstruction of justice.

Trump said repeatedly that there is no collusion between his campaign team and the Russian government. His lawyers predict that the federal investigation will soon to a conclusion will come, without the president facts or atrocity is charged.

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