Trump explains immigratievoorstel for, but met with protest both parties

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The president of the United States Donald Trump with a proposal for a new immigration law protest harvested by both Democrats and Republicans.

In the extended framework, where American media Thursday about reported, sets Trump, inter alia, a process for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants over a period of ten to twelve to naturalize.

In return is a limes wall with Mexico of 25 billion dollars is expected, the cessation of the gezinsherenigingen and more stringent measures against illegal migration. Also, there must be an end to the so-called Greencard lottery, in which individuals from different countries the chance to get on a labour permit and a residence permit in the USA.

‘Generous proposal’

The New York Times reports that the White House plan as a ‘generous’ suggests, but also as a ‘take or leave’. Democrats and immigratieactivisten the essence of the proposal as well as completely. The plan essentially boils down to is that the borders are closing down and that we get rid of all the immigrants, says the criticism.

Also to Trumps own party sound violent reactions. The conservative website Breitbart News called Trump all ‘Amnesty Don’, that ‘illegal aliens citizenship. The words ‘Amnesty Don ’ names in right-wing blogs and other media quickly in a high flight.


Trumps plan includes reportedly also the protection of the so-called ‘Dreamers’. It is going to be about some 690 000 people who, as a child of immigrants illegally to the U.S. uitweken for years in the country. For their parents, there is no solution, messages in U.S. media. In the autumn of 2017 had Trump their protection plan, to stop, the name DACA wore. The Congress has until march time for a solution, otherwise it threatens their expulsion.

The White House wants to his plan Monday to officially propose. The framework would be so drawn up that Trump a corresponding law immediately would be able to sign, sounds the in employees. Irrespective of this, is currently negotiating with a group of American senators about the partijgrenzen of an immigration law. “We are negotiating. I welcome the input of the White House, ” said the prominent Republican, Lindsey Graham.

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