Tourists freed from Swiss cave

6e1018427a37353ac1c76a07cfa880df - Tourists freed from Swiss cave

The tourists who spent many days trapped in a cave in Switzerland due to unexpected rising tide, are out of their precarious position freed. That notifies the police.

The seven men and their supervisor were in the night of Thursday to Friday from the cave met.

The group was Saturday left for an excursion of two days, including bivouac, in the famous cave of Hölloch ” in the Muotatal in canton Schwyz. The tourists were given the guidance of a qualified caver.

Since the water level in the cave is unexpectedly increased, the group was able to the cave system Sunday left more. The eight were within 3 km of the exit in a safe place for their camp to save.

Earlier this week, the rescue workers, the men only in the weekend would be saved, but eventually dropped down to the level of the water faster than expected. Experienced cavers brought the men to the surface. The eight make it all, and that was after a medical check-go back home.

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