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Titelverdedigers Hawk and Stroetinga lead in Berlin, De Pauw and De Ketele are on the prowl

The Dutchmen Yoeri Havik and Wim Stroetinga are best started at the 107th edition of the six days of Berlin. The titelverdedigers names Thursday night, after the end of the first day to the end.

The first evening of the Berlin six days lured 7.900 spectators to the Velodrom, a slope of 250m and so is rondegewin there is less self-evident. Among them, the former pistesterren Silvio Martinello, Marco Villa and Etienne De Wilde, the Blonde Arrow pointing from Laarne.

Kenny De Ketele won in the wake of Eric Schoefs a dernyreeks. Hawk and Stroetinga, that the ploegkoers won, lead with 85 points, two more than the Swiss Nico Selenati and Tristan Marguet. Kenny De Ketele and Moreno De Pauw, in the same round, on the fifth place with 74 points.

The Belgians won the title in Berlin in 2016. Two years earlier picked up The Ketele of the race, on the side of the Austrian, Andreas Müller.

The position:

1. Hawk-Stroetinga 85 points

2. Selenati-Marguet 83

3. Kluge-Reinhardt 82

4. Lampater-Grasmann 80


6. Hester-J. Morkov 64

7. Staniszewski-Pszczolarski 64

8. Thiele-Bommel 58

9. Beyer-Schmiedel 48

10. Van Zijl-Stöpler 47

11. Downey-English 42

12. Shalunov-Piskunov 36

13. Cheung-Leung 25

14. Burkart-Hesslich 23

15. Teklinksi-Lichnovsky 14

16. Müller-Augenstein 12.

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