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The merciless unraveling of a marriage

c49e332da9bc15461282354d41cd6336 - The merciless unraveling of a marriage

Perhaps, the participants have to Blind married, be obliged to the merciless unraveling of a marriage in the movie Turist first. You will get the chance to do that tonight.


One 20.35-22.10 pm

After one episode we already knew: this second season of ‘cold case’series Unforgotten is even better than the first. Everyone has a past that he tries to cover up, but one look into the blue eyes of Nicola Walker, and all the acid comes back up. Sometimes with my food.


Canvas 21.15-23.15 hours

What a happy holiday with the family had to be, turning out to be a complete nightmare. Ebba, Tomas and their two young children enjoy their stay in the French Alps to them during a lunch rocked by an avalanche. That puts not only the village was in an uproar, also the relations within the marriage are starting to slide. Masterly.


VTM 20.40-23.05 hours

Sweet revenge for Joseph Kosinski, sf-spectacle. Kosinski based this film on his own graphic novel, which was never published hit. The visual splendor is so overwhelming, that you are the leading actor Tom Cruise can hardly notice. That is a nice bonus.

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