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The 6 best books of the week

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The best out of the boekenoogst of the past few weeks: six toppers which you must not forget. Selected by Veerle Vanden Bosch, chef De Standaard der Letteren.


What was the hatter? – Loeki Zvonik

As well as Voskuil

A heartbreaking goodbye to a beloved friend, fifty years after its release is still just as poignant.

Who is it for? You’re ready for a rediscovered pearl of their own soil.
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Maelstrom – Sigrid Rausing

Money is not everything

The rich heiress and publisher of Granta about the tragic death of her sister-in-law to a heroin addiction.

Who is it for? You look like further than what the tabloids had to say.
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The voters – Jonathan Dee

The gap between the classes in the US

A billionaire moves into a provincienest in New England and is received with open arms.

Who is it for? You will love more and deeper insight into the news via the detour of the literature.
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Night procession – Stephen Gill

Look at a hidden world

Fascinating nachtbeelden of animals in their natural habitat.

Who is it for? You’re curious about a reality that is under our nose occurs, but where we are not aware of it.
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Pest – Joost Devriesere

A separate debut

ls around the world people in an inexplicable deep sleep, to change the balance of power.

Who is it for? You are always to be found for “what-if” stories.
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A sister – Bastien Vivès

French bubblegumpop in lines

A beautiful graphic novel about a first tienerliefde.

Who is it for? You love the brooding atmosphere of long summer holidays by the sea.
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