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Presenters BBC to accept pay cut after unveiling gender pay gap

A number of prominent presenters at the BBC have agreed to a pay cut. The decision comes after revelations about the pay gap between male and female employees of the British public broadcaster.

Jeremy Vine, John Humphrys and Huw Edwards are formally or in principle agreed to lower wages, said Amol Rajan, mediaredacteur of the BBC.

The pay cut follows the resignation of Carrie Gracie as the BBC correspondent in China in protest against the differences in the wages of male and female correspondents abroad.

A presenter of BBC Radio 5 live, Nicky Campbell, said to the listeners that he, too, pay cut had been accepted. The public broadcaster would also be in conversation with the correspondent for North America, Jon Sopel.

An independent audit of the gender pay gap at the BBC is announced next week. ‘We already have a series of steps mapped out for fair compensation and we will next week have more to say about this issue, that is the broadcasting on the website quoted.

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