Pete Philly is back: musician with a mission

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Pete Philly is back: musician with a mission

Pete Philly

For seven years it was quiet around Pete Philly. In 2011 he released his last album, in 2016 dropped he is still a track. But now he is permanently back. More positive and more optimistic than ever.

For those who Pete Philly may not know that Philly was between 2003 and 2009, part of Pete Philly & Perquisite. One of the biggest hits that they scored was Mystery Repeats, a number that until the day of today is heard in the Chore department. “But we also took down pace, soulhouse or broken beats-like tracks,” says the singer and producer to Metro.

‘You are insane’

In 2011 he released his solo album, One, and then the long silence around Philly. The reason was the disease of Lyme. “I have twenty years of all sorts of ailments sheared at puberty and whatever. You will be disturbed.” Last year, he says, there was a girl of 29 with the same disease and committed suicide. “Lyme disease is very insulating, very sad. They had no help. It is simply not there. I have the success that I had allowed to make bets to myself from this situation. That is just to succeed, on the brink. Most people are not that lucky. Then you’re in an impossible situation. It has taken me a lot of time, energy, grief, depression, illness, headache, looking, loneliness and financial issues cost.”

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Musical depth in

After seven years he is back and if Philly about his music, he sounds even more excited than normal. “Come Together is for all the people who have me missed. I paint this track with the colors where people who know me to have desires. This year I’m going to the musical depth and the width that I have to share. With every song that people hear it, they think I a different way insla. But it comes from inspiration, and I have the variety always have fun.”

Universal and personal

But so first Come Together. “It is both personal and universal. I thought it was time for a come together-track. The divide and conquer principle of this society to ensure that we each other as others see, in place of equals. But it’s also about how you get out of your own head, that is necessary to get a different clear to see.”

A lot of tracks, but also a new album? “Certainly,” says Philly excited. “But at this stage I’m more interested in sharing the things that I now have to say. It is important for people to take, that’s what you do with the songs, shows, and other things. My creativity as a producer is more than just a band to bring together and shows do. It is much more, it is myself to share on the most raw and naked way. Right now, in the place where I mentally and spiritually. For me that is the main thing.”


“I feel that I have a mission,” he continues. “We need our beauty terugspiegelen and celebrate. A good day, I am there for. I do love it so much because I can. And also entertainment is just necessary. You can find each other in a joke, music, beat, or theatre. Then we can even laugh at ourselves: what are we really, and quite disturbed with z’n all. Through my experiences, I see that kind of things even brighter. We need more laughing, dancing, and resolve.”

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