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Ogier in the lead in Monte Carlo, Neuville immediately in the error and issues for Chun

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Five-fold world champion Sébastien Ogier (Ford Fiesta WRC) after the end of the first day in Monte-Carlo in the lead. The Frenchman has a lead of 17.3 on his first pursuer, the Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC). The Spaniard Dani Sordo (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) is third with 25.6.

Mikkelsen and Sordo are teammates of Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC). The Belgian started, not the best on his world CHAMPIONSHIP. Neuville slid in the first klassementsrit of the track and lost more than 4 minutes. Neuville stands after day 1 on the 17th place.

The very first klassementsrit of the Monte Carlo was the classic of Sisteron. The ride of over 36 kilometres, which for the first time in the opposite direction it was driven, immediately resulted in uproar. Sébastien Ogier spun in the descent, at low speed, on the ice. Nevertheless, the Frenchman managed to complete the fastest time to drive. Ott Tänak (Toyota Yaris WRC) went at 10 miles per hour of the job, Elfyn Evans (Ford Fiesta WRC) had a puncture, Kris Meeke (Citroen C3 WRC) skidded on a ijsplek and also Thierry Neuville went into error. “I drove maybe 5 miles per hour too fast,” said Neuville. “I pulled the handbrake on, with the result that all four wheels are blocked, we of course slid and got stuck in the snow. It was a dry ride with ice on the descent. Slicks on ice offer no grip. We had to rely on the aid of the spectators, but unfortunately there were not too many spectators, and so it took a moment before we could drive. This is part of it.” In the second klassementsrit reed Neuville the second time, to 1.4 of Ogier.

For Guillaume de Mevius (Peugeot 208 T16) is the Monte-Carlo his first world cup match. He is on the 20th place. Less good was Kevin Abbring and Peter Chun (Ford Fiesta R5). The duo drove in the first klassementsrit leak and lost 8:27. With the turning of the wheel, burned Chun his hand. The duo Molle-Herman (Peugeot 208) was after the first ride on the 49th place.

Friday, and six klassementsritten driven. The Rally of Monte-Carlo ends Sunday afternoon.

Flat tire and remproblemen for Chun, The Mevius is in top twenty

Peter Chun and Kevin Abbring (Ford Fiesta R5) had a very beginning of the rally of Monte Carlo. For the start, told Chun that he was on the stage threw. That ambition should he more than likely storage. The duo is after two klassementsritten on the 29th place on more than 7 minutes of Eric Camilli (Ford Fiesta R5), the leader in WRC2.

“Yeah, das a catastrophe, eh,” says Chun. “After 10 km we drove leak. We stopped to the wheel swap. The time was about 3 minutes. You are standing at such a moment along the side of the road and a lot of light is not there. In the rush to as soon as possible the wheel change, I have burned three fingers. Because the brakes are not working, we lost another 3 minutes. I think I have Sunday my tuxedo is not necessary.”

Guillaume de Mevius (Peugeot 208 T16) and corijder Louis Louka after the end of the opening day on the twentieth place. Except for a few minor technical issues, knew the Mevius is a good start of his race.

Debut in the world cup rally with a klassementsrit of more than 36 km with ijsplekken and snow in the descent to Sisteron, it is solid. The Mevius began his world cup with the eighteenth time. “It was very very difficult but I am happy that we are well through. We had some small technical problems so we’re a little cautious to tackle it. Today is another day. We are going to do our best and step-by-step progression trying to create.”

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