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McLaren sends new F1 car for the first wintertest on the track

c64c8065bd65f7c95524931d8dae43a4 - McLaren sends new F1 car for the first wintertest on the track

Recently showed the McLaren F1 team know that the its new F1 car on February 23, to the public at large will propose. The baandebuut of the new McLaren, however, will all take place.

The new F1 car of Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso, who in the name MCL33 will listen, will be just like that of the other F1 teams on the 26th of February to the first wintertest in preparation of the new F1 season to start. The real baandebuut, however, already prior to the presentation on 23 February.

Each F1 team has two ‘film days’, which it may use for ‘promotional objectives’, for example the movie from commercials or filming of images for the presentation of a F1-bolide. During a movie day there can be up to 100 miles, and the cars equipped with ‘promotiebanden’ of Pirelli, who have completely different properties than the tires during the raceweekends be used.

McLaren would reportedly like to make use of so-called ‘film festival’ to the MCL33 already a first time on the circuit. This would McLaren then already the first time her car with the new Renault engine testing at the track. The renstal hopes to recoup already any problems on the first test day to avoid.

Last year was McLaren during the wintertests faced with one after the other problem with the Honda engine. Also during the season there were a lot of problems popping up, then McLaren decided to make the cooperation with Honda was to stop and make the transition to the motors Renault.

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