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‘Maybe favorite Oscars, “The shape of Water”, is plagiarism”

With 13 nominations is ‘The shape of water ” the number one favourite for the Oscars. But the idea for the film is borrowed from a play from 1969, says the son of the playwright in question, which in 2003 passed away, The Guardian.

The shape of water revolves around an unabashed romance between a moerasmonster and a stupid cleaning lady during the Cold War. The Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has garnered a lot of praise with this monstrously beautiful film. After the enthusiastic reception at the Venice festival, were the Academyleden as a block for The shape of water. With 13 nominations is the movie the chosen favorite of the Oscars.


But if you look closely, you can see where del Toro really the mustard, says the son of Paul Zindel, a lauded playwright and novelist, to The Guardian. David Zindel claims that the filmmakers for a large part based on a play by his father – who is ever a Pulitzer won – from 1969: ‘Let me hear you whisper. In that play, a young concierge of a research laboratory in love with a captive dolphin, and she tries, eventually the creature to save.

“We are shocked that a big movie studio, this idea just has use without contacting us,” says David Zindel. “This is plagiarism.’

The filmmakers deny that they have based on the play from 1969, because they are ” the show, never have seen’.

Read the full story in The Guardian.

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