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Courtois has a special message for Preud’homme: “I would like you to be trained”

2791e219eb7c36f8640a1e8ba1b48e1a - Courtois has a special message for Preud'homme: “I would like you to be trained”

Michel Preud’homme was a guest at the RTBF for the entertaining show “69 minutes sans chichis” or “69 minutes without a fuss”. The former coach of Club Brugge was there (again) is proposed as the successor of Roberto Martinez as coach of the Red Devil and even got a video message from the goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois who is not there to lye: “I would one day like to by you to be trained.”

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“I’m still young but my father knows you better than I, he was Also a big fan of the Rouches and you were an idol to him,” surprised Courtois in a video message, addressed to Preud’homme. “You were a great doeIman: I admired your reflexes, your winning mentality, your character and your aim is to keep getting better. I know that you have been elected the best goalkeeper of a world Cup (in 1994 in the United States, red.) and that is something special, I hope that this year in Russia. I think it’s the ultimate dream of all keepers.”

“I would like to be on a day you are trained. You’re a great coach and I hope that you will soon be a new club. Wherever you’ve coached, you always have a good job. I would also like to congratulate for everything you did as a keeper but also as a coach.”

“You may me wish that I have the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to win”

The message of Courtois did Preud’homme obvious pleasure: “Thibaut Courtois is a great modern goalkeeper. The role of a goalkeeper has evolved dramatically and Thibaut is a great goalkeeper, both in the air as in the game.”

Preud’homme was clearly charmed, and had a message for Courtois: “Let us dream at the world cup, give everything you have and try the world cup to win, so they me with peace.” (laughs)

When the host Joëlle Scoriels him finally asked him if wish in the near future, said Preud’homme with a touch: “That if I try again in football, I know the right will make. And if I coach of the national team would be, I know that I I have to win. So that you can me also wishes.”

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