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Casey Affleck retreats as a presenter

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American actor Casey Affleck retreats as a presenter of the Oscar for best actress. That has his agent Thursday confirmed.

Affleck by two women accused of sexual harassment, and all during the ceremony last year, there was criticism on Afflecks presence.

Casey Affleck last year won the Oscar for best actor for his role in ‘Manchester by the Sea’, and would normally, as the tradition prescribes, this year the Oscar for the best actress award. His victory attracted last year in protest. So refused to Brie Larson, who Affleck the statuette was handed over to applaud.

“I can confirm that he (Affleck, ed.) not to the Oscars this year’, says agent Mara Buxbaum to dpa. The decision is warmly welcomed by the Academy. “We appreciate the decision to focus on the show and on the great repertoire of this year’, said a spokesman.

Sexual harassment

Two of the women with whom Affleck worked in the film ” I’m Still Here’ got in 2010 to the court for sexual harassment. The actor denies the allegations and reached a settlement with the women for an undisclosed amount, according to People Magazine.

The 90th Oscars, on march 4, be conferred with, the first Oscars since the emergence of the #metoo movement, sexual harassment and sexism within and outside of Hollywood are reporting. During the Golden Globes earlier this month, Time’s Up launched, that victims of sexual violence financial wants to support.

The debate about the harassment reached its peak after the revelations in October about the misconduct of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Since then, numerous names have surfaced of actors, directors and politicians found guilty would have made to sexual harassment. Among them were Kevin Spacey, who, in extremis from the movie ‘All the Money in the World, ” was deleted. His deputy, Christopher Plummer a chance to win the Oscar for best male supporting role.

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