Trump in Davos: “Money for Palestinians remains frozen’

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Donald Trump wants the financial support of the US for the Palestinians frozen until they are prepared to resume peace negotiations with Israel. ‘The money is on the table, ” said the Us president Thursday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, after bilateral consultations with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “But the Palestinians must have their respect for us.”

The occasion for the argument is that Trump at the international level cavalier seul played in the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. That led to riots in the Palestinian territories. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent state exclaim.

‘If they don’t want peace, we have nothing more to do with them, ” says the president on Thursday in the Swiss Davos. Its decision on the recognition of Jerusalem was a step to progress in the peace process, he thinks, because this is an important point of contention is eliminated. “We should not talk more about it’, says Trump.

This opinion, however, by many countries, including in the European Union, not divided. Netanyahu thanked Trump, of course for his support. After their consultation, said the Israeli prime minister that the ties between the two countries never stronger. ‘Trumps decision about Jerusalem helps the peace process forward, ” she said.

Trump also made it out to the Palestinian Authority, because he refused to be the American vice president, Mark Pence last week during his visit to the country to meet.

Very only

In one of the recent votes of the United Nations, the US is very only felt. “We have every country heard that against us has voted. It was very interesting.’. Trump was referring to a session of the UN general assembly in december, where 193 countries for a Jerusalem resolution had voted, which is against the policy of the American government.

Despite the recent tensions considers Trump the relations between his country and Great Britain as well as fully intact. ‘We are in as good as all things on the same wavelength, ” she said after a meeting with British prime minister Theresa May. ‘We love your country’, founded the Trump to May. She assented, in her turn, the ‘special relationship’ of Britain and the US.

Trump was Thursday morning. in Davos arrived. The conversation with May was his first official bilateral meeting. Friday he gives a speech.

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