The white is the negro chase

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Is a man with a pale skin a ‘white’ or ‘white’? More and more Dutch media to choose for the latter, to the “blacks” not for the head punches. But now feel the white people are a victim of ‘reverse racism’.

The Dutch Broadcaster opts for ‘white’, showed Marcel Gelauff, the editor-in-chief of the NOS News, yesterday know. Newcomer white or the established white leads in the Netherlands to a heated discussion …

The Dutch Broadcaster opts for ‘white’, showed Marcel Gelauff, the editor-in-chief of the NOS News, yesterday know. Newcomer white or the established white leads in the Netherlands to a heated discussion, just a decibel softer than the – albeit related – Zwartepietendebat.

With his preference for white get the broadcaster in the rapidly spreading assertion that ‘blank associations with “pure and clean”’ and ‘that black that apparently is not.” Also according to ombudsvrouw Annieke Kranenberg of The Volkskrant has ‘blank the connotation of purity and neutrality, which the centuries of power imbalance even further would be “white-washed”’. Blank is, according to her, just as negro is contaminated by the colonial past.


The word nigger has been banished and replaced by blacks. In the style book of De Volkskrant since 1992. Also origin has been around for some time, not more bon ton.

Blank , by contrast, is just beginning his trek to the trash bin of the Dutch language. In 2000 adopted the style book of the newspaper NRC still explicitly: ‘We are not writing about white people but about whites.’ White has, however, also a slavery-past, just as a negro. According to the Etymologically dictionary of Van Dale , the word was blank-officer in 1839, uses for a ‘slavenopzichter’.

White deserves according to Kranenberg of The Volkskrant also preferred simply because it’s a more logical antonym of black is white.


The clarification of NOS-editor-in-chief Gelauff came after a message on the news about Zimbabwe, which was spoken about ‘white farmers’. That phrasing made on the social media, immediately caused a fuss and irritation.

Philosopher Ger Groot is in total agreement with the critics: it is not a good idea to make it about ‘white’ people to have. It is not a neutral word.

“Has anyone the about whites, then you know in advance that something is fishy. And also that the speaker himself explicitly on the good side place. White say is explain: I deug, however, ” he explained in Loyalty, prefer white , all is white there – just as a matter of fact when the NOS is not categorically prohibited.

“This is the kind of new terms, such as the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu has shown, social mainly to the forefront of early adapters conveniently to parting with the lower people.’

The Nijmegen professor remembers how white, ‘along with bleekscheet and other compliments’, around 1970, in the English-comers. It was in the beginning an expression of insulting contempt’.


Ombudsman Sjoerd de Jong of the Dutch newspaper NRC, came also to the conclusion that white and black are ‘social constructions’, and ‘no “objective” descriptions, especially of color’. In the eyes of some sticks to white, a negative moral judgment, because the word historic debt would be obscure. De Jong calls it ” a label for false consciousness’.

Ludo Permentier, taalcolumnist of The Standard, will find that a section of the population itself should be able to choose how he was appointed. In the US, for example, decided to Americans with African ancestors, first from negro to black and, later, to African-American.

“People who are in the word white like to replace, indicate that the word is ideologically loaded. Such as nigger, “says Permentier. “I think the vice versa is gone: people with a certain ideology to give a connotation to a word. This is suspected for others, that this ideology does not share.’

“I find it terrible if someone would forbid myself white, because I forced word to participate in the ideology that’s behind it.’

Common sense

The ombudsman of the NRC finds that the editors ” do not frantically can extract’ to the evolution in the use of language. But oekazes or prohibited seem not necessary.

In Flanders, this is also the position of the public broadcaster. ‘At VRT, we do words, not just in the ban”, replies the spokesman, if requested. “You should always go to the context look or a word can or not. The VRT is there for all Flemish, so we look like we are nobody to discriminate against or hurt us in our language. Here we do not go to in detail every word approve or disapprove, we are more likely to trust to the good sense of our employees.’

The Society Our Language, asked his readers last year, or they blank still a correct term. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’ (1.971 votes, 91%) as compared to 200 no votes.

White has still a long way to go for the language-dump has been reached. But lost it slightly on the word to avoid? Certainly not. To racism and discrimination, and to eradicate it is needed more than the replacement of a loaded word by an equally controversial term.

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