Spain takes first step to nomination Puigdemont to block

5292591102ac3bf918d3f0a1fac4fb5e - Spain takes first step to nomination Puigdemont to block

The Spanish deputy prime minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria announced that the government’s first step has been taken to the nomination of Carles Puigdemont, as the leader of the Catalan government to block.

Saenz de Santamaria had a press conference to know that the government is looking for ways to make the nomination of Puigdemont as the only candidate block. Madrid asked for advice to the Council of State. If the recommendation is consistent with the view of Madrid, there will be immediately a motion be submitted to the Constitutional Court.

The former Catalan leader, was on Monday nominated as the only candidate to put himself on follow. Puigdemont is already three months in voluntary exile in our country, which is not ingezworen could be. In principle, he must be present in the parliament for the debate and his inauguration. But if he is travelling back to Spain, there is the risk he is to be arrested. Madrid is planning to do that as soon as he enter the country. Itself would he prefer to be physically present in the Catalan parliament. “But there are also other ways, and we will try until the last moment,” said Puigdemont at a press conference in Brussels.

The alternative is that Puigdemont Catalonia would drive from Belgium, but that is actually no a good idea. According Puigdemont is that option is not impossible.

The Catalan parliament must be the first election hold on January 31.

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