‘Presidents Club’ shut down after allegations of sexual abuse

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Great Britain is furious about the sexual harassment that hostesses on a ‘men only’ chic liefdadigheidsevent had to deal with. The charitable organization is liquidated, members distance themselves and donations will be given.

‘The administrators of The President’s Club have decided not to benefietavonden more to organize.’ That will let the charity know after the leak of raunchy details about sexual misconduct at a ‘men only’event of the Presidents Club.

The organization is planning to have the money still in cash, to divide among several charities and then hold the organisation to exist’. The chance that this is an issue. Various charities, such as the Great Ormond Street hospital, are, in fact, plan to use their donations to pay back and in the future no new donations to accept. The hospital is planning to 530.000 pounds (600,000 euro) to pay back. The children’s hospital Evelina London refused again to 400,000 pounds of Richard Caring, a businessman who was present at the relevant event.

Rancid side

The ‘Presidents Club Charity Dinner’ is a large-scale charity event that all 33 times is organized. The gala dinner has in recent years already more than 20 million pounds raised for charity, including for disadvantaged children and for public hospitals. Last Thursday took the ‘black tie event’ took place at the posh Dorchester hotel in London. On one evening time was more than 2 million pounds will be collected.

That good thing has a raunchy side. The event was ‘men only’, there proved to be some 360 male guests. Piece for piece high pounding from the British world of business, showbiz and politics. To serve them, had the organization 130 hostesses hired. According to a undercoverreporter of the Financial Times had the young women on three criteria: they had to be tall, slim and handsome.

Never more to ‘men only’parties

Over the past few years, there were already rumors that the hostesses quite often, were harassed. The undercoverreporter of the Financial Times reacted afterwards, horrified at what they had heard and seen. To a nineteen-year-old hostess had a guest to her dismay asked if they are prostitutes, another lady got the penis of a guest. Hostesses were also arranged indecent proposals to a hotel room to dive, and had grasping men of turn under their skirts tried to come.

In the British parliament came the scandal yesterday afternoon. The opposition, especially the secretary of state, Nadhim Zahawi, responsible for Education, because he in the evening was present. ‘If it turns out that no questions had been at the event, then he should of course resign. Our women and girls are important to this kind of messages to get from our leaders, ” said Labour member of parliament Sarah Jones. Zahawi himself has promised that he will never go to ‘men only’parties will go and that what happened that night happened, ‘truly shocking’.

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