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Mertens fight to the last gasp but loses semi-final Australian Open against Wozniacki

ecacb81cad9ce5d1abacf3229337ac71 - Mertens fight to the last gasp but loses semi-final Australian Open against Wozniacki

The droomparcours of Elise Mertens at the Australian Open is at an end. Our compatriot made too many mistakes and was no match against Caroline Wozniacki in top shape. Mertens lost her semi-final in two sets: 6-3 and 7-6 (7/2). She leaves Down Under, however, with uplifted head, and a place in the top 20 of the vrouwentennis.

Mertens had her game face up and seemed to not have too much trouble to have the nerves. Wozniacki hit an ace with her rst storage but our compatriot showed in the first game of a great backhand. The Danish won that and Mertens did little during its first service. In game three came Wozniacki under pressure at 0-30, but the number two of the world put that crooked situation quickly law by errors of Mertens.

Wozniacki went the balls in the fourth game deeper play and forced our compatriot in the error. The Danish took advantage and went by the storage of Mertens. They seemed to be right away by steaming to 4-1, but her storage was not what it had been. Mertens came from 40-0 back to 40-40 with a great forehand and forced a breakpunt. Wozniacki continued, however, and picked up later in the game.

Mertens had the game six win to survive and get picked off with a few biting forehands. Wozniacki about was but the 4-2 was a fact. The Danish failed on its own storage and Mertens had at 5-2 serve in the set. Wozniacki got the hands on each other with an amazing return and won most of the longer points. When Mertens a volley missed, they got a first setbal. Our compatriot, served himself, however, from the problems. Wozniacki’s storage turned in game nine, however, at full speed and they won set one 6-3.

Wozniacki is unstoppable…

Mertens wanted to start to set two, but immediately got two breakpunten against after a double fault. Our compatriot stronger, however, to won three points in a row and kept its storage. The storage of Wozniacki, however, was nothing to do and Mertens had to struggle to survive. They forced the Danish number two on its own storage well, and came several times to the net: 2-1 for our compatriot.

In the fifth game there was a press over and over again beaten by both ladies. Wozniacki again won the longer points, to the frustration of the Mertens. Our compatriot saw the Danish by its storage and went 3-2 behind in set two. Here was the broken spring in Mertens because Wozniacki sailed immediately to 4-2, but the Limburg took the seventh game.

Both ladies left little to lie on their own storage, and so if Wozniacki at 5-4 serving for the match. The Danish began with a great ace and set the tone immediately. Mertens moisture to survive and forced even a breakpunt. After a second double fault of the otherwise strong Wozniacki came to our compatriot back to 5-5.

… Mertens fights back

Nerves and Wozniacki, the are things that do not go well together. Mertens felt that her opponent was struggling, and was suddenly her best form. She won her own opslagspel and forced with a 6-5 two setballen on the storage of the Danish. Who suddenly came back to life and served both opportunities away. Mertens, however, and Wozniacki had to fight to have the game to win. The Danish forced, after a lot of resistance from our fellow a tiebreak: 6-6.

Mertens lost the first point on her stocking and immediately went 3-0 behind. Issue did our compatriot, but she missed a backhand at 3-2. Wozniacki has won another long rally and forced four matchpunten. The first was good and so was the on and off for Mertens: 7-6. Wozniacki gets the third Grand Slam final of her career.

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