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Club Brugge rianter than ever on the head

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Club Brugge took advantage on the 23rd day of the Jupiler Pro League most of the loss of points of closest pursuers Charleroi and Anderlecht. The authoritarian leader seemed to KV Oostende with an unseen blistering start immediately death to squeeze. After the rest left the home team, however, failed but showed Gabulov why he’s under the lat was the leader. Yet it was still just as exciting, but Club Brugge finally won with 3-2, and has thus already thirteen points ahead in the standings.

When the home team was missing only the suspended Denswil, acquisition Vermeer started on the bench, Gabulov was again in goal. At KV Oostende could trainer Custovic, do not rely on the an Jonckheere, Milic, Rajsel and Vandendriessche.

Unseen scorching start

The draw against Antwerp bare Ivan Leko care but the coach saw his team immediately blistering start. Diaby laid out neatly for the current Vanaken, who was already after five-minute eye-to-eye with Dutoit cold finished: 1-0.

Three minutes later they were at it again when Ruud Molder scores a free kick nicely over the wall curled out of the reach of Dutoit: 2-0.

The Bruges waves kept coming and Ostend seemed to swim. Dutoit parried, however, the bang of Diaby and had everything from the cabinet to poulain the score to prevent. The free-kick from Vanaken splashed in addition apart at the junction, and Wesley curled the ball a meter over that intersection.

After 25 went to the city storm (possession 70-30% !) however, and as came KVO above water again. Canesin could build on the edge of the sixteen, but took aim. A moment later, was shocked the hometown audience when Gabulov a shot from Lombaerts could not clamps and the Brazilian rebound binnentikte, but the goal was rightly disallowed for offside. Blue-black shared a number of speldenprikken from but went with 2-0 to rest.

Fast aansluitingstreffer, attentive Gabulov

At the Club came Tomecak after resting in the place of Poulain, at Ostend was Bossaerts out of his misery by Zivkovic. And that surgery paid off because after just three minutes in the second half scored Gano, his ninth of the season after he was in the sixteen for the match, won by Decarli: 2-1 actually! The aansluitingstreffer came, however, after prior error on Limbombe but the Bruges protest was by Verboomen dismissed…

Club just started, would you think? Nothing: after a nice schepballetje of Limbombe popped Diaby two minutes later from close-his tenth of the season: 3-1, and the tension immediately from the match.

Luminary Vanaken delivered a perfect cross in the direction of the detached Wesley in front of goal but instead of his chance to go, explained to that error.

Plots remained at Ostend, but Gabulov showed why he was in goal, was the leader. First bokste he a center of Bjelica road and then he went to good flat on the shot of Siani, and for the upcoming Canesin.

On the hour came the Foxes in it for Diaby and the striker got up to three times a unique chance to decide the match: first he kicked, he only for Dutoit head-long on, while later, he got a dumb barge is not under control and in the slot he wanted with the head of the Shaper control although it is better to aim had gekopt.

Bizarre denouement

KVO took courage, and continued to pull it forward but once again we had Gabulov pal with a shot from Zivkovic. It was clearly not wrong in the leader and Leko brought Nakamba in for a pale van la parra, so the match under control. That didn’t work because the substitute Joseph Akpala scored just before affluiten still with the head of the 3-2.

So, it was still just as exciting: an unlikely scenario, after the blistering start by the home team. That got eventually shivering the end because Siani blasted the last chance addition.

The street ahead

By this 18th victory of the season, Club rianter than ever before on the head: closest pursuer Charleroi now all on 12 points, competitor Anderlecht is facing a deficit of 13 points to…

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