Beppe Grillo stops at Vijfsterrenbeweging

69a3858992996d05b25a4bc7be882e07 - Beppe Grillo stops at Vijfsterrenbeweging

The comedian takes a step to the side at the Vijfsterrenbeweging, the anti-establishmentpartij which he started in 2009 together with Gianroberto Casaleggio founded. The party is getting ready for the general elections on 4 march in Italy.

Grillo is a new blog started, without any reference to the Vijfsterrenbeweging. That is remarkable, because that blog laid the seed for his political work, and marked the start of his career in politics. There is only a link to the new website of the party. The 69-year-old humorist started a new blog, where he wants to focus on technology and a new vision of the future.

Grillo then distanced himself been of the party. Already in 2015 he announced that he quit politics and returned to the comedy. Luigi di Maio was in september elected as party leader and candidate for prime minister. “The party stands on its own legs and is getting stronger,” he said.

The Vijfsterrenbeweging is currently a leader in the verkiezingspolls, for the Forza Italia of Silvio Berlusconi and the far-right Ligua Norte.

Of blog to party

Grillo appeared in 2009 on the political scene, along with strategist Gianroberto Caseleggio, with a blog that came up against political corruption. The blog was very popular among the population, which suffered under the economic crisis and the traditional politics was. The blog was the driving force behind the immense success during the elections of 2013. When the movement was the second largest party in Italy.

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