Bass has returned in Utopia

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Bass has returned in Utopia

Bass is back in Utopia.

Again, there is a former participant of Utopia returned to the program on SBS6. Thursday afternoon ran Bass Veldhoven back onto the site.


The ‘Utopiaan Of The Year 2016 is the third ex-resident who this year returns. Saw earlier the viewers, Ivan, and Ruud is making a comeback.

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The question is whether Bas will also continue to be in Utopia. Ruud, who with much showoff for the third time, came back, moved 24 hours later again. Compared to the other residents swear a Bass that he stays.


“What a misery”, that was the first reaction of resident Beau, ever share the bed with Bass. “He goes nicely with José in the caravan.”


In november it was announced that the longest-running reality-soap in the world on June 1, 2018 stops. It is for anyone still unclear as to how the final months of the program out.

Residents have been for a while no contact with the outside world, and there are no candidates more away.

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