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Apple makes EMERGENCY call function is faster in iOS 11

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Every smartphone has an SOS function in case of an emergency the emergency services to notify. On an iPhone with iOS 11 is that feature now extra quickly accessible.

The EMERGENCY call function of iOS 10 let herself be far too cumbersome to operate, particularly on iPhones with Touch ID finger print scanner. You got the function will only be seen when you with a not-registered finger on the home button and bustle. Among the figures, the pin appeared in the option Emergency. In an emergency, when every second counts, that procedure is far too complex.

Five times press

In iOS 11, Apple has at last a sleeve to fit. For the SOS-function is sufficient to five times in quick succession on the power button of the iPhone button. Then wipe up the red EMERGENCY ball to the right, and you make a telephone call automatically to the emergency number 112. On the iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X, there is an alternative method: in these devices appears to the SOS scroll bar even when the on/off button and one of the volumebuttons while at the same time press and hold.

What is the number to be called, depends on the region where you resides. In the European Union, the emergency number 112 will be contacted, but in a country like China you can (on a screen), for example, to choose fire, police or ambulance.

You can optionally also have an EMERGENCY contact set up. After the 112 is called, you will receive an sms with the message that you are the emergency services have been contacted. The notice shall also indicate your current location.

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