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Also Murphy Brown gets remake

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In connection with the thirty-year anniversary of the sitcom Murphy Brown, there will be thirteen new episodes made. This creeps the lead actress Candice Bergen for the second time in the skin of sterverslaggeefster Murphy Brown.

Also the founder and producer of the original version, Diane English, is attached to the remake. The series about an investigative journalist and nieuwspresentator Murphy Brown is this year, exactly thirty years, and that this was television broadcaster CBS a good reason for a revival.

Will & Grace

It is certainly not the first time that an old hit series returns. So have already been Will & Grace, Full House and Roseanne a new lease on life.


Murphy Brown was from 1988 to 1998 to see and was a big hit. The series won five Emmy’s and two Golden Globes. The sitcom was also very controversial, because Murphy was a single working mother.

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