“We have never been taught inside the box thinking’

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“We have never been taught inside the box thinking’

Ruben Wieman (r)/ own photo

The a go after finishing high school a year to Thailand, the other invents an app where companies will no longer be able to cope without. Ruben Wieman (22) belongs to this last category.

Ruben Wieman was 17 years old when one night he an ingenious plan, thought up for an app. That night was the secondary-school pupil called by a colleague of the pizzeria where he worked with the question of whether he could fall in. When Reuben could not, had the colleague concerned, a further eight other colleagues to call for a substitute and this time also pass it on to the manager. A whole state, which for most people who are at a supermarket or pub and / or restaurant have worked well-known in the ears to sound. ‘That should be otherwise?’, thought ookRuben that evening.

New York Pizza

,,Why is there not an app for? I thought suddenly. And that is now 4,5 years ago,” says the now 22-year-old entrepreneur at Metro. The app Flex-Appeal, in which workers all should be able to, around their work; such as the description of diffusers, or communicating with colleagues, is currently used by large companies such as Albert Heijn and New York Pizza. But for doing so, had to Wieman still some hordes take. ,,I was secondary 4 and knew, except that what I have in the box, Management & Organisation had learned, nothing of enterprise or the development of an app. I also had never of the term ‘start-up’ heard! Nevertheless, I knew that I had to do. A month long, why I’m in a secret plan to develop. With the help of google, I then go on to develop into a business plan.”

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Through a business plan competition, and contact with other young entrepreneurs knew Wieman, and now we are aangehaakte partner is always better as to what they should do. After finishing high school, he is not going to study, but direct action. ,,The a, take a gap year and going to Thailand, I knew for sure I wanted to do.” That he and his business partner Guido Schmitz only 22 years old, has both advantages and disadvantages. ,,Companies see two young people with little experience and felt especially in the beginning as a risk, and companies don’t like risks”, explains the entrepreneur. ,,But our age has also advantages, for example, that we are very good outside the box thinking as we never have learned how in that box is”, quips he.


Now hitting more and more companies are convinced that they are with a solution for their ‘old-fashioned’ employment experience. Wieman: ,,Four years, thanks to the spacious labour market many companies the idea of: if you do not like, then you go somewhere else: for you to ten others. With the ever tightening labour market, they should do their best to 16 to 22-year-olds to attract and retain. That is one of the reasons for a company like us in the sea to go”

Although the story is already successful sounds – they moved recently to 600,000 euro deal of investment money – is the success, according to the young entrepreneurs not yet: ,,We now have more than ten thousand users, but want to go to a hundred thousand and then a million! We are only at the beginning.”

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