Tourists have a few days in Swiss cave

cd94721b285d068a2fd76a3c388495d3 - Tourists have a few days in Swiss cave

The seven tourists and a guide who Sunday by the unexpected rising tide, blocking in a cave in Switzerland, still have a few days to wait before they can be saved.

They will at the earliest in the weekend the cave system can be abandoned, so has the police Tuesday night communicated.

Saturday was the group departed for an excursion of two days, including bivouac, in the famous cave of Hölloch ” – which is more than 200 kilometers of galleries contains – in the Muotatal in canton Schwytz. By the rising tide, the group was able to Sunday, the huge cave system not to leave, but within 3 kilometers of the output they could be in a safe place for their camp to save.

Monday, four rescue workers to them after a journey of eight hours through an alternative entrance away. They worked under more psychological assistance. Only cavers, and so no tourists can have discerning entrance to use.

The authorities hoped initially that the water from Tuesday would be enough reduced for the group to leave the cave, but that was not the case. The current weather conditions and the recent heavy rains remained a rescue operation impossible. Only in the weekend is better than expected, police said Tuesday night. In the course of the next few days, the stranded tourists have restocks.

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