This is the Instagram of participants in Temptation Island

This is the Instagram of participants in Temptation Island

The verleidsters of Temptation Island.

Now, Temptation Island is getting closer, are we secretly all went hunting for more information about the deceivers, verleidsters and the couples of this season. Fortunately, there is something we can fairly easily have been able to find, namely the Instagramaccounts of the most participants. And there is already a lot of exciting information to read.


The couples, from top to bottom, left to right: Megan & Kevin, Vanessa & Jeremy, Mezdi & Danielle and Deborah & Tim

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Of Danielle, we could not Instagramaccount find and that Mezdi is also private (but you can try!). The same goes for Kevin (no Instagram) and Megan.


The verleidsters of Temptation Island from left to right: Laetitia, Yana, Yasmine, Billy, Maxime, Inge, (bottom) Cherish and Zwanetta. / RTL

The Instagram Yasmine, we have not been able to find.


The leaders from left to right, top to bottom: Matthew, Andrea, Gino, Tireily, Fabrizio,Tomas, Tijs and Joshua. / RTL

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