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‘The Standard’ keep seeing on Facebook? That you do so

By some adjustments in the Facebook timeline, you will be less news and more messages from friends and family to see. If there is an easy trick to the news of ‘The Standard’ yet it is prominent to continue to receive.

On your computer

Step 1: go to the Facebook page of ‘The Standard’.

Step 2: Click on the icon ‘Next’ and select the option ‘first view’.

On your smartphone

Step 1: go to the Facebook page of ‘The Standard’ and click on the icon ‘Next’.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the category ‘In your newsfeed’ option ‘first view’. This means that the news of ‘The Standard’ is prominent in your timeline will appear when you have Facebook open. You will not receive any additional notifications from ‘The Standard’ on your smartphone if the Facebook app is not open.

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