‘The rotten, sexist culture is alive and well in British business’

The regent’s fierce reactions of (especially female) politicians on the sexual harassment and humiliation during a chic liefdadigheidsavond in London’s Dorchester hotel. The event was ‘men only’, the women were only welcome as a hostess and the expensive mansvolk fell the women difficult.

The ‘Presidents Club Charity Dinner’ is a large-scale annual charity event that all 33 times is organized. The event has over the years already more than 20 million pounds will be collected …

The ‘Presidents Club Charity Dinner’ is a large-scale annual charity event that all 33 times is organized. The event has over the years already more than 20 million pounds raised for charity, including for disadvantaged children and for public hospitals. Last Thursday took the ‘black tie event’ took place at the posh Dorchester hotel in London’s Mayfair. On one evening time was more than 2 million pounds will be collected.

That good thing has a raunchy side. The event is ‘men only’, there proved to be some 360 male guests. Piece for piece high pounding from the British world of business or in financial circles, from the world of showbiz or politics. To serve them, had the organization 130 hostesses hired. According to a undercoverreporter of the Financial Times had the young women on three criteria: they had to be tall, slim and handsome.

“Are you a prostitute?’

For a large-scale charity event that has so much money to retrieve, at the Presidents Club Charity Dinner rather secretive. Over the past few years, there were already rumors that the hostesses are quite often difficult cases. The undercoverreporter of the Financial Times reacted afterwards, horrified at what they had heard and seen.

A nineteen-year-old hostess had up her own dismay of a macho guest received the question whether they are prostitutes, another lady got the penis of a guest. Hostesses were also arranged indecent proposals to a hotel room to dive, and had grasping men under their skirts tried to come, to turn.

In the brochure of the luxeavond stood, however, that there is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment it would be handled. Faced with the criticism, the Dorchester hotel is already promised to fully cooperate with the investigation if someone files a complaint.

But there were a few of the auctioned prices already suspicions arise about the sexist atmosphere that night would reign. One reward, which the male guests were able to offer, a night in a luxurious striptent. Another prize was a visit to a plastic surgeon, ‘to the clock few years back to run for yourself, or to your spouse what to make it more attractive’.

There were also a lunch with the minister of Foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson and an ‘afternoon tea’meeting with Mark Carney, the governor of the national bank, will be auctioned. That setting has all of the event distanced themselves and stated that there is no permission for the auction from such round of tea-drinking was given.

‘Equal opportunities policy must be tightened’

The charity event remained for years under the radar, but that is in times of #MeToo is no longer possible. British politicians of all parties – but especially women – respond gedegouteerd that leading entrepreneurs are reduced to such rancid behavior. Maria Miller, the parliamentary

commission on women and equal opportunities chairs, recommends that the British business community to ‘take a good look into the mirror’: “How seriously our business, equal opportunities in the workplace, when still “Men Only”nights are held? Maybe this should be our equal opportunities policy urgently needs to be strengthened and more teeth.

Jo Swinson, the vice-president of the LibDems, says her stomach turns around upon hearing this story: “More than 300 wealthy businessmen found it perfectly okay to have a night to attend. It proves that the rotten, sexist culture still is alive and well in parts of British business. Enough with this nonsense.”

“I’m going to assume that the noble goals gedegouteerd are on the way with their good name is gesold’, responds the Conservative mp Anna Soubry. “It was never acceptable, but it is 2018 in heaven’s name, and I thought that we change to a more decent society were evolved. It is in any case high time.’

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