Puigdemont: ‘Preferably, I’m living the session in person’

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The chairman of the parliament of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, had on Wednesday a conversation with Carles Puigdemont in Brussels. ‘Puigdemont has every right to as a regional leader elected to be, ” said Torrent. Puigdemont does not close off to Barcelona to travel for the swearing.

Torrent had Puigdemont formally addressed to themselves as Catalan head of government. There are no other candidates. Torrent and Puigemont sat together to discuss how this will work, since the former government for several months in Brussels staying. Puigdemont does not exclude that he will return to Spain. “There are a lot of opportunities to ingezworen to be a regional president or a seat in the live. But the ideal scenario is that I personally am. I exclude nothing.’

The former Catalan prime minister, came to Brussels after the illegal onafhankelijkheidsreferendum of Catalonia. As soon as Puigdemont again set foot on Spanish soil, he will be arrested. Madrid put an army of agents in order to prevent him from Spain, unannounced, would arrive, by any path whatsoever.

According to Catalunya Radio would be the inauguration next Tuesday will take place.

The conversation between Torres and Puigdemont would take first place on the seat of the Catalonian representation in Brussels, but when they got there Madrid a stop to it. The consultation was moved to the headquarters of the European Free Alliance in Brussels.

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