Process of man that terrorists refuge begins

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Jawad Bendaoud is in Paris go for the hiding of terrorists. He faced six years in prison and a fine of 90,000 euros. It is the first process around the attacks in Paris in which 139 people were killed.

Jawad Bendaoud offered two perpetrators of the attacks of the 13th of november 2015 in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, and Chakib Akrouh, accommodation in an apartment in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.

Just before his arrest on 18 november, while the police raided the house stormed, gave Bendaoud have an interview to BFM-TV. Therein he denied to know who he housed. “A friend asked me to two of his buddies for a few days shelter. I have said that there are no mattresses were, but they didn’t mind, she wanted only water, and pray, ” said the man. The video is thousands of times parodied.

The detectives are convinced that Jawas Bendaoud suspected that he was terrorists, a place of shelter, but that he probably knew nothing of their future terreurplannen. The present terrorists were about to carry out attacks. Ultimately, Bendaoud to a assisenproces escapes.

The raid of the police on the third floor of an apartment building in the Rue du Corbillon number eight was particularly violent. In total, fired the police, 5.000 bullets. A bommengordel exploded. The bodies of Hasnâ Ait Boulahcen, a 26-year-old niece of Abaaoud, and the two terrorists were below the floor between the debris found.

Jawas Bendaoud has previously been five times convicted, inter alia, in 2008, violence resulting in death. Since november 2015, he is sitting in the cell.

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