Pope compares the ‘fake news’ with the Biblical serpent who tempted Eve

Pope Francis has all the people called to fight against the proliferation of ‘fake news’. Intentional false reporting is, according to him, a danger to society.

“The tragedy of misinformation is that the others discredits them represents as enemies, even to the point to get them to demonize and conflicts to stir up’, says Francis in his message on the World day of social communications. On the subject, he has a document that is written.

The pope compares fake news with the snake from the Bible that tempted Eve to the forbidden fruit to eat. That is, according to him, the first example of misinformation.

‘Fake news, is a sign of an intolerant and hypersensitive setting and leads only to the proliferation of arrogance and hate, ” says the pope. ‘That is the end result of untruths.’

The pope calls on journalists and people on social media to manipulative tactics to expose. Journalists, he called the ‘guardians of news’.

The media have for him, the underlying causes of conflict studies in place of lucrative (newspapers)headlines to produce.

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