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Painful third consecutive defeat to Mouscron

f02ac4f832f90dd6364a0a713157495e - Painful third consecutive defeat to Mouscron

Retrieves KV Kortrijk against all odds in Play off 1 this season. The Guys put already Mouscron side with a clear 0-3 numbers and are on three points of the sixth place. Teddy Chevalier picked up his goaltje in the second half and is so co-topschutter in the JPL.

At Mouscron started Omar Govea in the bank and was Aristote Nkaka a row forward pushed. Also The Medina, Gulan and Olinga started in the base when the Henegouwers. At KV Kortrijk was Stijn De Smet between the lines in the place of Ajagun, even though it was coach De Boeck not too happy about subbing against KV Oostende. For Glen De Boeck was a return to the old stable, he has protected Mouscron still of relegation two years ago but was then in the middle of the season fired.

Mouscron started the best in the competition. The home team struck his tents on the ends of KV Kortrijk, but that didn’t lead to a goal. Olinga, Taiwo and Gulan tried it, but got the ball between the posts of Kortrijk-goalie Kaminski. After the openingskwartier restored CHAMBER of commerce the balance, Bailly had the arms out of the sleeves stitches, but even he loved in the first half of his nets clean. 0-0 at half, already had Mouscron, like the ball on the dot seen after a trekfout on Kagelmacher.

Kortrijk started better in the second half and that soon led to the openingsdoelpunt: Bailly loved the first Chevalier to twice of the 0-1, but against the attempt of goaltjesdief Perbet he had no story: CHAMBER of commerce earned the lead after 53 minutes. The goal broke the match open, allowing us to have a nice last half hour got on Le Furthermore. Just after the hour got Mouscron the chance at 1-1, but Taiwo pushed the ball just next to the pole outside.

Painful for the home team, a quarter of an hour before time, decided the CHAMBER of commerce then finally the match. First with the 0-2 Chevalier, allowing the Frenchman Kiese Thelin is the co-topschutter managed to crowns, five minutes later, he kicked also Idir Ouali are goaltje within, immediately well for the 0-3 final score. KV Kortrijk jumps to eighth place in the booth and stands on 3 points of Play-off 1, Mouscron remain eleventh after a third consecutive defeat.

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