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New F1 racing car Stoffel Vandoorne passes crash test

6b0a5571d3dfc2e2af63f3e61bad7f68 - New F1 racing car Stoffel Vandoorne passes crash test

The new McLaren F1 car has successfully the mandatory crash tests of the FIA passed, so had the renstal know via twitter.

The F1 teams are busy with the final touches to their F1 cars and the preparation of the new F1 season. Also crucial are the crash tests of the FIA. Since a few years, is it mandatory that a F1 car will successful, the ball passes before the affected chassis may participate in an official F1 test.

At McLaren they were there yesterday know that their chassis of the MCL33 successful the ball has passed. A new hurdle in the run-up to the new season and the preparatory wintertests is so taken.

The first wintertest in preparation for the F1 season in 2018 will start on 26 February. A few days earlier, on 23 February, will Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso the cloth of the McLaren MCL33 get and the new car to the public at large imagine.

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