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Max Verstappen sets his new girlfriend for

4cfb847dfd4e8584cc527a84eb2895d4 - Max Verstappen sets his new girlfriend for

For the new racing car of Red Bull we should have some patience but last weekend showed Max Verstappen his girlfriend to see the world at a party in the Kitz Race Club in Austria.

Dilara Sanlik is called the new flame of Max Verstappen. She’s from Munich but currently studying in London. Allegedly, the two already have a few months to a couple and would have the lovebirds been together, christmas is celebrated.

Verstappen is not only fast on the track but also in love, Dilara is not the first friend of the young Dutchman. He had earlier already relationships with Seychelle de Vries, the sister of the McLaren junior Nyck de Vries and with the Swedish Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, who is also active in motorsport.

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